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Day 22: Personality swap of your choice. I obviously give up going in order.

I don’t think the universe will ever be ready for this.

Dedicated to my literal roommate whistlecat who wanted a Suga in exchange for my boy Lev!

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ever since we were little I can’t help but lose all self-composure when I’m with the princess

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Ever notice how Ohno’s hair never changes shape during concerts? So have they.


I usually never translate snippets like this, but I haven’t seen the entire article come out yet and I’d rather put this out now. My LJ will still be the main place for translations so there’s no need to worry me migrating over to Tumblr. :)

This is a short Q&A from a recent TV magazine that was posted to Twitter. It’s something I’ve always pointed out to my friends, so it was nice to see that it’s also an inside joke among themselves.

A question for the group!

Q: Any funny stories from your time in Hawaii?

Sakurai: Ohno Satoshi’s hair succumbed to the rain during our second day of concerts.
Matsumoto: Ohno-san’s hair seriously never shifts, you see.
Aiba: I’ve never seen it change that much before!
Ohno: It just flopped over… it finally lost out to the rain.
Matsumoto: But you’ve managed to prove that it’s real hair now, right? (laugh)
Ninomiya: You finally did it.
Aiba: Were there doubts about it?
Ohno: Yep (laugh). Because my hairdo never moves.
Sakurai: It was a moment that will go down in history: there was rain in a place that only rains several times a year, and Ohno Satoshi’s hair was flattened by it.
Ninomiya: It’s a good thing people in Japan managed to see it through the public screenings too (laugh).

In your long story, I wonder if I could've stayed a bit longer.
In your long story, I wonder if I could've stayed a bit longer.

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