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even after everything that has happened to me these past few years, i realized i haven’t changed much. I’m still the stubborn girl with many fears and hides away inside my own shell when life becomes too hard to bear. i escape in places that aren’t at all warm and find comfort in things and people who may not guarantee me anything but temporary relief. i have too many feelings that i’ve become numb to each one. i’m tired of being like this. i’m tired of breaking things.

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Interesting behind the scenes facts of Kazoku Game:

  • The “Yoshimoto walk” was Director Sato Yuichi’s idea but Sho did it based on his imagination. It actually took a lot of strength because the bag was heavy.
  • The scene in ep.1 where Yoshimoto-sensei pulled off a chair and stood on it was actually Sho’s idea.
  • When Director Sato was watching ep.2 at home, his dog reacted to Yoshimoto’s bark. (Director Sato: “Sho-kun is so cute~!!”)
  • The infamous line in ep.2, “Why are you sounding like J-Pop lyrics?” was an experiment by the scriptwriter. It’s one of Director Sato’s favorite lines and amused Sho very much (because he’s a J-Pop idol himself).
  • Everyone knows that Sakurai Sho is acrophobic, so climbing the ladder in ep.3 was quite a big challenge for him. After the director said “Cut!”, he slowly climbed down while mumbling, “So scary…”
  • Sho himself is a big eater. Once, during the break, when the other cast and the staff were all full and sleepy, he’s the only one who could keep on eating. They called it “Sakurai Sho Murder Case”.
  • The “butt writing” scene in ep.5 caused quite a big ruckus at the set because everyone couldn’t stop laughing at the embarrassed Sho.
  • According to Kamiki Ryunosuke, despite how disturbing his character is, Sakurai Sho’s their actual mood-maker. “His smile always brightens the set.”

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Watched Mekakucity Actors first episode. Aside from the not-so-good animation (I hope they improve onwards) The thing that bothered me was Seto’s presence in the department store scene. It’s like they just put him there to display his powers. In which we know, he doesn’t like to use at all. The way they did it made me disappointed. It’s like they’re disregarding the character for the sake of showing off. 


for those who don’t understand, you should see part 1

(Kano needs to know the smell,feel and looks of the thing to impersonate them so he has his own reason as to why he was sniffing a cat but…SETO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES)

based on the 5th novel gosh i laughed so hard at this part its my fav part


i cant believe these kids oh my god

based on 5th novel

part 2

I won’t forget, the summer we met. The place was a little town tucked in between the ocean and the mountains. There, they met a transfer student. The sun is so dazzling, and the fireworks are so fleeting. The summer that will never repeat itself is passing by so fast. A story that starts in summer that six high school students experience.


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"You swore that you wouldn’t forget about me.”

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