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After seeing leader cry, I forgot everything I was going to say

─ Aiba Masaki (via happyafterstorm)

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We are far away from each other and we speak different languages

So don’t forget me even if we are under the same sky but in different country

I hope i have wings, so that i can fly to you anytime

If it’s possible i want to come to Korea once a month

I hope there will be an opportunity to see you again

— Puff message to Heechul 

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: double-sided heart keychain set

Now available for pre-order.


The set has 8 design pairs, with the 8th pair being secret designs. Also available in singles, where you can mix and match all designs (except the secret designs).

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I feel like I’ve been able to read Nozaki-kun’s actions lately… x

You probably do lose a lot. But that just means you need to fulfill what you lost with new things. Our time together these five years has been like that for me.

I’m perfectly fine