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Better images of the prize figures from the ~Bitter Chocolate~ kuji (Bitter chocolate~ くじ デフォルメフィギュア賞~chocolate ver.~) have been uploaded to the staff blog!

Look at Haruka’s thinking pose! Makoto fixing his tie!! Rin’s ponytail and tongue!!! Rei’s sass!!! Nagisa’s casual lounging!!!! Those jaunty little hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am more happy than ever I just got my set reserved today!!

Free! ~Bitter Chocolate~ kuji begins in August!

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I don’t want to complain, or gossip, or boast. I’d rather just talk about things like a truck said to make your dreams come true if you encounter it five times in a day, or a mysterious phone number that sends you “the power of the cosmos” if you call it, or stairs for the sake of stairs which lead nowhere in particular - absurd, meaningless, innocent things like that.

─ Fafoo (via vgperson)

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Day 1311   - 20 July 2014

When I initially watched Imagination Forrest, it occurred to me that Mary would have to, y’know, bury her own mother. 

Thankfully the anime disproved that.


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The real Sphinx are a huge pair of dorks, especially Nine.

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Back By なこ

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

Translation, cleaning & typesetting by me.

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I’m sure no one in the world will come to love me.
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I’m sure no one in the world will come to love me.

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Tennen x When Ohno imitates Aiba's tension in the morning - AAA +Dome ♥︎ [tennen appreciation post]
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Arashi Concert DVD’s - Arashi Live tour 2013 “LOVE”
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